Converting Online Reward Credits at Tropicana Casino 

Tropicana Casino Rewards

Want to make your Tropicana online casino account work harder for you? Online Reward Credits offer you the chance to earn real money every time you play. Make points from playing slots and table games, then convert the Credits to cold, hard cash! 

Trop Casino Reward Credit Points 

  • All online slots | 1 Online Reward Credit per $10 wagered 
  • Video poker | 1 Online Reward Credit per $25 wagered 
  • Blackjack | 1 Online Reward Credit per $50 wagered 
  • All other games | 1 Online Reward Credit per $25 wagered 

Other Rules: 

  • No expiration period on Reward Credits 
  • Tier Credits are awarded at the same rate. These can be used to score comps at Caesars properties around the USA. 

Converting Trop Casino & Cash Rewards 

You’ve earned some Online Reward Credits – now what? It’s possible to convert Online Reward Credits to standard Reward Credits or cash. You can redeem Reward Credits at any participating Caesars casino or hotel around the US.  

Cash Conversion Rate:  $10 per 1,000 Online Reward Credits 

Tropicana Reward Credits vs Other NJ Casinos 

Most NJ and PA online casinos offer a rewards program. But how do they compare to Tropicana’s? Let’s use BetMGM as an example.  

RewardsTropicana CasinoBetMGM Casino
Online Reward Credit1 per $10–$25 (slots, table games, video poker)30 per $100 on slots/instant win games
10 per $100 on progressive slots
4 per $100 on live table games
Cash Redemption Rate$10 Cash per 1,000 Online RCsRedeem points in the BetMGM Rewards Store for bonus credits on online casino play
VIP Levels (Rewards Program)6 (Caesars Rewards)5 (BetMGM Rewards)
Tier CreditsYesYes

Top Tropicana Casino Benefits for VIPs 

Tropicana Casino offers several top benefits for VIPs, especially when it comes to Online Reward Credits. One major advantage is the ability to convert these credits into US dollars, which provides flexibility in choosing how to use them. These converted dollars can be utilized for any games within the casino, giving VIPs the freedom to explore different options or participate in tournaments and other promotions.

In addition to the conversion of Online Reward Credits, Tropicana Casino offers a range of live benefits for VIPs in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. These benefits can be claimed by converting Online Reward Credits to standard Reward Credits. For example, VIPs have the opportunity to enjoy WSOP Poker play at participating casinos, adding an exciting element to their gaming experience.

Another enticing benefit is the monthly Caesars Online Sportsbook bets that VIPs can access. This allows them to engage in sports betting, expanding their entertainment options and potentially adding an extra thrill to their gaming ventures.

Tropicana Casino also acknowledges its VIPs on their special day with birthday bonuses, making their celebrations even more enjoyable. Moreover, VIPs can indulge in celebration dinners, giving them the chance to savor exquisite cuisine and create memorable moments.

VIPs at Tropicana Casino can also enjoy free or discounted hotel stays, allowing them to extend their casino experience by immersing themselves in the luxurious accommodations offered. Referral points to friends are yet another benefit, enabling VIPs to share their enjoyment with others and receive rewards in return.

Airfare credits are another perk provided to VIPs, offering the possibility of discounted or even complimentary travel arrangements to enhance their overall casino experience. Furthermore, VIP Lounge access is available, granting exclusive entry to a designated space where VIPs can relax, socialize, and enjoy additional amenities.

Lastly, Tropicana Casino values its VIPs by offering free gift cards. These tokens of appreciation provide VIPs with the opportunity to indulge in their personal preferences, whether it be shopping, dining, or other entertainment options.

Overall, Tropicana Casino’s VIP program provides a comprehensive range of benefits that enhance the gaming experience, from the flexibility of converting Online Reward Credits into US dollars to access to live benefits such as WSOP Poker, sportsbook bets, birthday bonuses, celebration dinners, discounted hotel stays, referral points, airfare credits, VIP Lounge access, and free gift cards.

Tropicana Casino Eligible States 2023   

Tropicana online casino was closed down in 2022, with all customers making the move over to Caesars Casino. Confusingly, Tropicana online casino was then revamped and relaunched in New Jersey for its Garden State customers. Trop Casino is now live in Pennsylvania too. Online Reward Credits are available for all Tropicana online casino customers. 

What are Casino Cash Rewards at Tropicana Casino? 

Most online casinos in the US offer some sort of loyalty points scheme, and TropicanaCasino is no different. The Online Reward Credits program works in much the same way as the Caesars Casino scheme: you earn Reward Credits every time you gamble for real money. You simply open the ‘Balances’ tab in your account to make a points conversion. 

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Tropicana Reward Credits & Bonuses FAQ

Is it free to sign up for Reward Credits at Tropicana Casino? 

Absolutely. You must be over 21 and a account-holder to earn Reward Credits and redeem them for cash. There is no expiration period on Online Reward Credits, either.  

What games are eligible for Online Reward Credits at TropCasino? 

You can earn Online Reward Credits for every $10–$25 you gamble on slots, table games, and video poker at Trop NJ. Slots offer the best rate of 1 point for every $10 wagered.  

Can I claim comps at Caesars properties? 

Absolutely. You can earn Tier Credits or convert Online Reward Credits into Reward Credits to use at brick ‘n mortar Caesars casino-hotels around the US. Perks include comped hotel rooms, referral bonuses, and bespoke birthday offers. There are six tiers in the Caesars VIP program.