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The path to legal and regulated online casino gambling in New Hampshire was derailed at least temporarily in 2023. A bill put forth by state Senator Tim Lang was passed through the Senate. However, it died in committee in the House.

Lang is leading a group of six state legislators who are planning to reintroduce the bill in 2024. That group also includes Sens. Daniel Innis, Bill Gannon, Howard Pearl, Donna Soucy and David Watters.

While Lang’s bill did pass through the senate, it’s worth noting that the final package was a significantly trimmed-down version of the original plan. Had it passed, New Hampshire online casino gamblers would have only been offered the chance to play table games in New Hampshire online casinos. The legalization of slot machines was removed from the bill. 

Minus slots, it’s unlikely any of the leading legal and regulated online casino sites would hold much interest in operating in New Hampshire. The vast majority of online casino gamblers prefer to play slot games. Without making them available in legal and regulated online casinos, in all likelihood people would continue to play slots at illegal offshore online sites.

Another stumbling block facing state legislators seeking to move forward with online casino gambling is resistance from lobbyists representing the land-based casinos in the state. They feel that their product will be cannibalized by online casino gambling, even though every study undertaken has shown that the exact opposite is what takes place and revenue actually increases in land-based casinos once online casinos are introduced to a state.

A further problem in New Hampshire is that state Rep. Laurie Sanborn, chairwoman of the House Ways And Means Committee, is the spouse of someone in the brick and mortar casino industry. She’s proven to be a staunch opponent of the legalization of online casino gambling.

However, that situation may be about to change. Republican Rep. Sanborn was forced to tender her resignation as chair of a casino study commission looking into the viability of online casinos in the state and their impact. She and her husband, casino owner and former state Senator Andy Sanborn, are under investigation for misuse of $844,000 in COVID-19 pandemic relief funds they received from the federal government. They could be facing criminal charges. Andy Sanborn lost his casino license and has been ordered by the New Hampshire Lottery Commission to sell his Concord Casino.

Will Online Gambling Be One And Done Again?

Online casinos in New Hampshire is not yet legal, but the state was opting to take an unusual and unconventional approach when it came to the launch of legal and regulated online sports betting in the state in 2019. The state government made a decision to open the process up to only the highest bidder, allowing all of the top online sports betting sites to basically put in a tender to operate all online sports betting in New Hampshire.

The winning bid came from DraftKings. The sports betting giant put forth a proposal that would pay the state 51% of all sports betting revenue in taxation. The deal with DraftKings added a caveat that if at any point New Hampshire regulators were to make the decision to open up the state to rival online sports betting sites, then the DraftKings annual tax payment would drop down to just 21% of all revenue earned.

The reason behind this one and done decision by New Hampshire in terms of online sports betting licenses was that the state felt with its tiny population of just 1.389 million people, opening up the state to multiple operators would slice the sports betting pie so thin that no online sportsbook would feel it was viable to operate in New Hampshire.

Is the state likely to follow a similar pattern when it comes to the much more lucrative realm of online casino gambling? While there’s nothing indicating this to be the case in the recent bill that failed to make its way to a successful conclusion, the likelihood of there being multiple operators doesn’t seem to be a feasible solution for the state.

Best New Hampshire Casino Sites & Apps to Launch

  • bet365 NH, code USB365
  • betMGM
  • BetRivers
  • DraftKings Casino
  • Fanduel

Possible New Hampshire Online Casinos

In making the decision on which operator would get the state’s online sports betting license, categories weighed included experience of the company, strength and quality of their hardware, software and betting services, and financial stability.

Should New Hampshire again opt to license just one operator once the state approves legal and regulated online casino gambling, these would be the likely top NH casino and gambling sites and apps bidding for that license:

DraftKings New Hampshire Casino

Already with the sports betting license in the state, New Hampshire may simply opt to stay with the company they already are in business with in the online gambling industry. Certainly, DraftKings casino delivers the goods with their online casino. Their site is simple and easy to navigate. They offer a large quantity of games and an aspect that could prove appealing to New Hampshire lawmakers is that DraftKings caters to a beginner audience. They even offer casino gambling 101 courses right on their site to allow newbies to learn the ins and outs of the various games.

BetMGM New Hampshire Casino

Coming second to DraftKings in the online sportsbook bidding process, BetMGM’s standing as the online casino leader in the US market might sway a casino bid in their favor. Featuring a massive library of games, BetMGM houses thousands of slot machines, and a ready supply of table games and live dealer action on their site. Their stature in the industry generally garners BetMGM first dibs on any new games being introduced to the marketplace.


The biggest rival of DraftKings in the US market, no doubt FanDuel would’ve bristled at losing out on New Hampshire online sports betting. While their games library isn’t as rich as some of the other leading sites, certainly the quality offered by FanDuel is outstanding.

Caesars Palace

Another of the most well-known names in casino gambling, Caesars Palace is a brand that dates back to the 1960s. They offer more than 1,000 games to play and what’s considered to be the best loyalty rewards program in the industry. Caesars Palace is known for catering to the high rollers.

New Hampshire Forms Of Online Gambling

Along with online sports betting, New Hampshire also offers daily fantasy sports. It’s been legal in the state since 2017 and you only need to be 18 years old to play. DraftKings, Owners Box, FanDuel, Yahoo and are sites offering DFS in New Hampshire.

While there are no land-based or online casinos in New Hampshire, social casinos are legal and regulated in the Granite State. Among the popular choices in this free to play market are Pulz,,, WOW Vegas, Sweeptastic, McLuck, High 5 and Chanced casinos.

New Hampshire Online Casino FAQ

Is online casino gambling legal in New Hampshire? 

Not currently. A bill to legalize regulated online casino gambling introduced in the New Hampshire state legislature in 2023 passed through the state Senate, but was held up and ultimately died in committee in the State House.

When might online casinos be legal in New Hampshire?

Six New Hampshire state Senators will be reintroducing the bill to legalize online casino gambling in New Hampshire during the 2024 session of the state government. However, even if they are successful in gaining passage of the bill into law, it’s unlikely that online casino gambling would launch in New Hampshire prior to 2025. 

Why is DraftKings the only legal and regulated online sportsbook in New Hampshire?

In 2019 when New Hampshire legalized online sports betting, the feeling was that the state’s small population base would make it unlikely that a number of competing sportsbooks could succeed. So a decision was taken to put forward one sports betting license and allow the online sportsbooks to bid for the tender. DraftKings, offering 51% of all sports betting revenue to the state in taxation, won the bid.

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