Why Discipline Is The Most Important Trait Of A Successful Gambler

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In business, professional sports, and even in the realm of entertainment, discipline and dedication to their craft are vital elements in any path to making these pursuits a successful endeavor. 

No one in business is going to be investing money in any get rich quick scheme without first doing their due diligence to assure that the proposal is a sound one. Actors, singers and athletes don’t just show up at the top. It takes years of sacrifice, training and dedication to hone their skills before they make it to the big time.

When it comes to succeeding in the online casino world, the top players are following very similar philosophies to these careers. While gambling is an exciting and seemingly risky pursuit, the fact of the matter is that the best players get to the top because they apply the same discipline, dedication and common sense that someone who is running a Fortune 500 company or seeking a berth on an Olympic team would be applying to their preparation.

While luck is always going to be an element in any form of gambling, the best gamblers are taking steps and following strategies that will put them in position to make their own luck.

Here is how you can become a successful gambler.

Set A Budget

Businesses all operate within a budget and so does the disciplined bettor. In the world of gambling, a player’s budget is known as their bankroll. It’s a pre-established amount and it’s always a sum of cash that they can comfortably afford to lose.

Your bankroll should be set up in a separate account away from any other funds. This will make it easy to decipher how the day, week and month is going for you in terms of wins and losses. 

Not only should you be betting within your bankroll, you shouldn’t be risking significant portions of that bankroll on any single bet or play. Disciplined online casino players will never wager more than 5-10% of their backroll at any single time. It’s that old theory about putting all your eggs in one basket. If you back a bet in a big way and it loses, it’s also going to send your bankroll into crash mode.

Don’t Try To Be All Things

In baseball there are starting pitchers and relief pitchers. And in the bullpen, those relievers are broken down further in long relievers, middle relievers, set-up pitchers and closers. It’s all about specialization, knowing your role and filling it.

In disciplined gambling strategy, there’s a similar idea implemented. You need to know where you’re going to have the best chance to succeed. If you read people well, then maybe make yourself at home at the poker table. If you’ve got a good memory, blackjack could be the game for you.

The same philosophy should be emphasized in sports betting. Don’t bet on everything. Pick a sport and specialize in that sport. This enables you the time and opportunity to learn everything about that game, and to stay on top of all the latest breaking news from that sport.

It Isn’t About Fun

Disciplined real money gamblers are in it for enjoyment. They’re not looking for a laugh, or a lighthearted night of entertainment. They are playing to win. 

Disciplined bettors wager with their head and not their heart. They don’t bet on favorite teams, or take unnecessary risks in pursuit of a quick score. The race always goes to the smart and the steady. 

This being the case, a cardinal sin of betting is to wager while drinking. Imbibing alcohol tends to weaken a person’s senses and inhibitions and that often leads to bad decisions being made.

Plan Ahead

A friend who bets the horses partakes in a strategy that all gamblers should consider to be a sound philosophy. The morning of race day, long before the horses will be going to the post, he gets himself a copy of that day’s race program. Studying it from start to finish, he deciphers which bets he’ll be making on that race card. Once the races begin, he sticks with that strategy and win or lose, doesn’t vary from the plan. 

Whether you’re betting on sports, or at the online casino, variations of this strategy are the way to go. Know when, where and how you’ll be betting long before it’s time to place those bets. 

Stick with straight bets and stay away from exotic plays. Parlays may offer the potential for a big score, but they are the fool’s gold of wagering. Seldom do they come in as winners.

Accept Defeat Graciously

It was the Kenny Rogers song The Gambler that suggested you should know when to hold up, when to fold up and when to walk away, and he was not wrong.

Everyone, no matter how experienced they are at gambling, is going to suffer losses. Losing streaks will hit even the best of players.

The difference is that a disciplined gambler doesn’t allow success or lack of success to alter their plan. The worst gambling strategy of all is chasing losses. Throwing good money after bad will deplete a bankroll fast.

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