Why Playing Games Of Skill Are Better For You

skill games

Gambling is tough sledding. Well, successful gambling certainly is challenging. It’s easy to make a bet, and it’s easy to lose a bet. It’s much harder to win a bet.

No, the house doesn’t always win, but it mostly does. If you’re going to go into online casino gambling in the USA with any hope that there will be successful outcomes in your future, then you’re going to need to grab on tightly to any advantage coming your way, no matter how slight that edge might be.

No online casino game is going to give you a better edge than the house, but there most definitely games you can play that will be giving you a better edge than others. And mostly, the difference comes down to an equation of chance vs skill.

If you want to have a chance at winning when playing at an online casino, the first step you must take is to hone your skills. And then the next step is to only partake in games of skill.

Luck Is Not On Your Side

Any game in which the outcome is going to be completely determined by random is not the kind of game that is going to be kind to your bankroll. We’re talking about the slots, keno, and slingo.

There’s no mystery to how the winners are determined in these games. It’s absolutely, positively based on random chance. Don’t buy into any of the myths about the slot machines. There is no such thing as a hot machine that’s ready to pay out at any moment. You could be on a slot machine for five minutes and win a jackpot. You could also sit there for two hours and never make more than a minor score. 

That’s because it’s all random. It’s right there in the name. Random number generators are programmed to determine when a slot will pay out. There’s absolutely no pattern to it whatsoever. And independent regulators in each state are frequently checking these slot machines to assure all that everything is operating in a fair and square manner.

This is exactly why you want to avoid playing the slots. Sure, you’re going to see postings on social media about lucky winners who hit six-figure jackpots playing the slots. It can happen. But again, it’s entirely up to luck. There’s not an ounce of skill involved in determining the outcome.

Table Games Require Skill

This is exactly why you should be playing table games as the focus of your online casino experience. No matter which table game you choose to play – blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, or poker – skill and strategy is required to succeed.

And here’s the thing about skill – you can hone it, improve it, to give yourself a better chance to win. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be winning. But it clearly offers you a more possible path to success.

You can’t hone luck. Luck never changes, no matter how many four-leaf clovers, rabbit’s feet, horseshoes or lucky troll dolls you stack up around the slot machine. 

If you play blackjack, there are strategies to the game that you can learn to improve your skill and thus, when you do sit down to play blackjack, offer you an increased chance to succeed. By recognizing when it’s best to hit, stand, split, or double down, you can dramatically improve your odds of winning a hand. 

Even in a game like roulette, which at its base root is still a game of chance, you can simply bet the colors between red and black and basically give yourself a 50-50 chance of winning your bet. By contrast, if you were to wager on the ball landing on a specific one of the 36 numbers around the roulette wheel, your chances of victory are 36-1 against you.

Likewise betting pass line or no pass when playing craps offers you the best chance of gaining a victory there, again nearly 50-50.

Certainly, when it comes to casino games of skill, poker is the quintessential example of such. You can learn strategies within the game, keep track of which cards have been played and also, study the tendencies of other players. Each of these skills will serve you well in search of victory. And the same set of skills can also come in handy when playing video poker. 

Maximizing Your Odds at the Slots: Smart Budgeting and Bonus Strategies

If after all this, you’re still too overwhelmed to try table games and want to stick with the slots, there are strategies you can employ there, too.

Set yourself a budget, an amount you’re going to play. Put any winnings aside from your bankroll.

Win or lose, quit playing when that pre-established bankroll money is gone. 

Another option is to take advantage of casino welcome bonus offers provided by online sites such as Bet365 and BetMGM casino.

It won’t improve your chances of winning, but at least if you lose, you’re not losing your own money.

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Remember, you can always try a skill game without adding your own money as many casinos (including sweepstakes sites) offer a demo mode to play.