Billy Walters’ ‘Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk’ – Inside The Book Review. A Revealing Plotline of Betting in Vegas and Powerful Pairing with Golfer Phil Mickelson

Billy Walters Gambler Secrets from a Life at Risk

The strange anatomy of one of the greatest golfers of all time has been a recent hot topic this year. With a newly published book bringing the conversation to the forefront, the sports legend Phil Mickelson is becoming famous in a whole new way for more than just the game.

Billy Walters’ Autobiography: A Glimpse into the Gambling World

The sports titan is showcased in Billy Walters’ new book “Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk.” The seminal autobiography of Walters, who many consider “the greatest and most controversial sports gambler ever” is a real page turner in every sense of the way. Like standing in a casino in Las Vegas and taking in every exciting and exhilarating pulsating bright light, the chips are flying high in this titillating look into an extraordinary life. Highly anticipated amongst fellow gamblers and sports fans alike, the wild autobiography of Walters focuses on the premise that anybody can get lucky, but controlling the odds is what this one human masters. It’s not dumb luck. It’s tenacity. It’s a skill. It’s frankly talent.

Walters’ winning streak has gone on for 36 consecutive years and it is a time frame that has produced an impressive wealth of millions of dollars a year in gross wagers, which also includes his infamous one Super Bowl bet of $3.5 million.

The Legend and His Techniques

“The Michael Jordan of sports betting” is a living legend and competitors have always tried since his beginning bets to deeply understand and crack his techniques, which is disclosed in great length in the book. Pages reveal that he has been spied on and hacked, but he always maintains his once ways. That is until now. In his own words, he wishes to tell the world his dirty secrets are truly not so dirty – they are just the unique adventures that have made his career journey both lucrative and ultimately fascinating.

A Tale of Ambition and Relationships

Who needs to buy tickets to a magic show in Vegas when you have this stimulating showman sparkling in the spotlight…

The autobiography is a tell of how to make the American dream of being wealthy come true against-all-odds as much as a shocking reflection on the complicated relationship the gambling king has with Hall of Fame professional golfer Phil Mickelson. He is as you read as much a sportsman as he is a gambler with rambling ambitions to win and win big at all his endeavors according to Walters.

Mastering the Odds

The book is a masterclass for anyone who wants to expand their odds at betting on sports as much as it is a Greek saga of extreme dramatic measures. Walters does everything big and full of grandiose storylines as he writes. He is a rag to riches plotline of being raised by his poverty-stricken grandmother in Kentucky only to grow up and be an adult who with ease will bet $10 million on a game. He began his career as a hustling used-car salesman and bookmaker on the side only to eventually move to Las Vegas where he created an epic sports betting strategy with the well-known Computer Group.

Data analysis in sports gambling was his extraordinary calling and carved out a path for him to become the rich and famous man he is today. It is fascinating how he explains in the book and shares knowledge he has acquired in his history with sports betting.

The scion of the Vegas betting world throughout time of course can be polarizing and is certainly a controversial figure. Not everything that happens in the town of course stays there as proven by a relentless Walters who in the book pages appears to be on a quest to reveal the truth no matter the cost. Simultaneously, he is fighting to reclaim his narrative and challenge the perception that he is more than just a gambler. He is an entrepreneur. He is a genius.

Inside Tips and Strategies

Bettors who read the book will be happy to gain information on advanced betting strategies and handicapping systems as well as the sophisticated knowledge of how to truly have an informed wager. Expert analyst tips are being raved about in the pages as he dissects winning point systems and special formulas that are all part of his well-tuned machine. His self-made man system is desirable as described in the book as much as his tell-all facts about famous people like the professional golfer Mickelson who reportedly gambled nearly $1 billion in 30 years and might have lost close to $100 million.

Expert analyst tips are being raved about in the pages as he dissects winning point systems and special formulas that are all part of his well-tuned machine.

The American sports player has been blasted in the media this month. By all apparent matters, it seems as if the fallen icon was willing to sacrifice his legendary history for the mighty dollar for the sake of winning a gambling bet. The book in the fragmented details that have been released thus far are indicative of a man who liked to gamble and gamble a lot. It is evidenced in the book that the time-honored traditions of the game of golf have been rocked and the sportsmanlike culture shaken to its core.

The question arises if the golf hero was such an untouchable champion that he simply became out of touch?  For all his talent, he was still certainly blessed to have these skills to make him one of the most notable pros in the game. Yet, he did alter things quite radically to make bets. In doing so there was no way to hide the facts from both fans and fellow players. All the juicy details are divulged in this newly published source material.

Walters claims in the book to have spent years in the company of the golfer since they both had great love for golf and gambling.  But the author claims when he found himself in legal trouble Mickelson took a step back from the friendship.

Yahoo Sports online obtained a prepublication copy of the book from “The Fire Pit Collective” which ran excerpts of pages that talk about the time the two men frequently wagered together. Walters claims in the publication that Mickelson once wanted to bet on the 2012 Ryder Cup while he was on the team. It was then that Walters refused to help him make that wager.

Read here the excerpted copy provided by “The Fire Pit Collective” on “Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk.” Here the author details how Mickelson escaped legal cases and reveals the end to their relationship (SOURCE).

By Billy Walters
August 17, 2023

I am staring at the world’s most famous left-handed golfer and can’t believe what he is saying. It’s a bright spring day in April 2017 and Phil Mickelson is sitting on my patio in Carlsbad, Calif., overlooking surfers on a sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. 

By that point, Phil was a Hall of Fame golfer and winner of 43 tournaments on the PGA Tour. We had shared an eight-year friendship that featured rollicking rounds of golf and high-stakes sports gambling. When Phil showed up, he owed me $2.5 million on losing bets that I had placed on his behalf. I had let the debt slide for the better part of three years, and it had continued to grow. Frankly, there were more pressing matters on my mind, specifically a high-profile insider-trading case involving 10 counts of wire and securities fraud. The three-week criminal trial had just ended—badly, for me.

I’d lost the biggest bet of my life in front of 12 Manhattan jurors believing they would see through the government’s criminal case. The jury—prevented by the judge from hearing about the illegal actions of government agents—returned guilty verdicts on all charges. 

When Phil arrived in his black, tricked-out SUV, I was in my 70th year of life, under house arrest with an electronic tracking bracelet around my right ankle, and racing to get my business affairs in order. I was awaiting a July hearing, which would deliver another shock to my system when the judge disregarded the official pre-sentencing recommendation of one year and a day in prison. Instead, he hit me with a sentence of five years.

As it turned out, Phil came to my home not to make amends or offer a mea culpa, as I had anticipated. Instead, he came to finally settle up the money he owed me. I sat there speechless as he moaned about losing lucrative sponsorships with ExxonMobil and Barclays along with 25 percent of his deal with KPMG. He even whined about the $32 million depreciation he had to take on his precious Gulfstream V jet. All the while, I was about to go to prison after losing a trial that cost me more than $100 million in legal fees, fines, and restitution. 

I thought to myself: Thousands of people stand in line waiting for Phil’s autograph, but if I could buy back my association with him, I’d pay top dollar.  

Phil ended our meeting with a bizarre invitation.

“I’m going to be here for the next two and a half weeks,” he told me. “Wanna play some golf?” 

Mickelson is a sports icon known for getting his plays to make waves on the golf course. But, according to this buzzy autobiography the question comes up at what cost? What does it really mean to gamble away a legendary life? Walters goes as far to write in the book that he managed to avoid prison from two separate investigations.

“Phil, the man in the middle of all the alleged wrongdoing,” he wrote, “walked away scot-free.” The author goes on to write: “When push comes to shove, Phil doesn’t care about anyone except himself,” Walters wrote. “Time and time and time again, he never stood up for a friend.”

From Rags to Riches

“Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk” is now on sale.  

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