NFL Price Hike: Teams with the Highest Ticket Cost Increases 

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If you’re an NFL fan who’s been digging deeper into your pockets to afford NFL tickets, you’re not alone.  

NFL ticket prices have been on the rise, and fans are feeling the squeeze. But which fan bases have seen the biggest ticket price hikes?  

To find out,, an online gambling offers site, analyzed NFL ticket price data throughout the last five seasons to determine which teams have increased their ticket prices the most. Our analysis examined the average ticket price for general admission tickets for all 32 NFL teams from 2018 to 2022, which is the most recent ticket price data available.  


  • The Las Vegas Raiders top the list of teams with the highest ticket price increase. Over the last five seasons, the average price for a general admission Raiders’ ticket has increased by 87%, or $71.72.  
  • Rounding out the top five teams with the highest ticket price increases are the Cleveland Browns ($45.83), Kansas City Chiefs ($41.37), Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($34.87), and the San Francisco 49ers ($27.83).  
  • If prices continue to increase on their current trajectory, general admission tickets for 52% of the league’s teams will exceed $125 by the 2026 season.   

Although inflation has eased slightly, it continues to have an effect on everything from grocery prices to entertainment costs, including sporting event admission. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index, the cost of admission to sporting events rose by 7.2% over the last 12 months.  

In addition to inflation, several other factors have driven up NFL ticket prices. Whether it’s acquisition of star players, winning a Super Bowl, or relocating to a new city, there are several reasons behind the increase in NFL ticket prices.  

For example, after relocating from Oakland to Las Vegas in 2020, tickets for the Las Vegas Raiders spiked from an average of $87.78 in 2019 to $153.47 in 2020.  

Elsewhere, ticket prices for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers increased from an average of $89.48 to $104.20 after the team signed star quarterback Tom Brady.  

Among the top five teams with the highest ticket price increases, three have either won the Super Bowl or appeared in a Super Bowl within the last three seasons, including the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

Which NFL Teams Have Increased Ticket Prices the Most?  

#1. Las Vegas Raiders 

No other team in the league has increased their ticket prices more than the Las Vegas Raiders. Since the team was located in Oakland in 2018, ticket prices have shot up 87.7%, or $71.72 for a general admission ticket. Attending a Raiders’ game, including a ticket, beer, hot dog and parking, will cost fans $202.97.   

#2. Cleveland Browns 

Despite only making one playoff appearance in the last decade, ticket prices for the Cleveland Browns continue to rise. Browns fans have seen ticket prices increase by an average of 11.5% every year since 2018. Overall, prices have increased 69.1%, or $45.83 for a general admission ticket over the past five seasons.     

#3. Kansas City Chiefs 

If there is one team where ticket price increases are arguably justified, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans are willing to pay a premium in order to watch the Super Bowl Champions play. On average, tickets for the Chiefs have increased $41.37 over the last five seasons.   

#4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Coming in at No. 4 is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fans of the Bucs have seen general admission ticket prices jump by 41%, which is $34.87 more expensive than they were in 2018. Tampa Bay is also home to the 7th least affordable game in the league, with a ticket, beer, hot dog, and parking costing fans about $181.97.   

#5. San Francisco 49ers  

Fans of the San Francisco 49ers have also experienced a large increase in ticket prices. Overall, 49ers fans are paying $27.83 more for a general admission ticket than there were in 2018.  

Least Affordable Teams in the NFL 

Our analysis also took a closer look at the overall fan experience cost for each NFL team. Along with analyzing the price of a general admission ticket, we also added in the cost of a beer, hot dog, and parking.  

After adding in these expenses, the New England Patriots claim the top spot for “least affordable” team in the NFL. A ticket, beer, hot dog and parking will set Patriots fans back $204.45, which is the most expensive in the league.  

NFL Ticket Prices

Elsewhere, the San Francisco 49ers rank second among the least affordable teams, with the combined cost of a ticket, beer, hot dog, and parking totaling $204.21.  

The Las Vegas Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and Green Bay Packers round out the top five least affordable teams in the league.  

Predicting Future NFL Ticket Prices  

When it comes to gambling on football, NFL fans are eager to predict the outcome.  

Overall, nearly 73.5 million Americans are expected to bet on the NFL during the 2023-24 season, which is 28% of the adult population, according to a recent survey by the American Gaming Association. Among those, 19% plan to place a bet online, at a casino or with a betting app

But along with predicting wins and losses, what will future ticket prices look like for NFL fans?  

If the current price increase trajectory continues, general admission tickets for 52% of the league’s teams will exceed $125 by the 2026 season.  

According to projections, the Raiders will maintain their position as the team with the most expensive NFL tickets. By the 2026 season, Raiders fans could be paying over $225 for a general admission ticket.  

While it’s challenging to predict the exact dollar amount for future NFL tickets, prices will undoubtedly continue to rise each season, just as they have over the past five seasons. Championship seasons and roster changes will also continue to play a large role in determining the cost of tickets for each team in the future.   


To identify NFL teams with the highest ticket cost increases, we conducted an analysis of the average price of a general admission ticket for all 32 teams over the past five seasons. To project future ticket prices, we calculated the average annual ticket price increase for each team during the last five seasons. We then applied this average annual increase to the next three upcoming NFL seasons. Future ticket prices are only projections and prices will vary depending on several factors. 

Sources: Team Marketing Report Fan Cost Index, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI), American Gaming Association  

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