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Jackpocket offers $3 off your first lottery purchase in AZ, AR, CO, DC, ID, MA, MN, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NY, NM, OH, OR, TX & WV.
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Jackpocket Online Lottery Promo Code & Bonuses (2024)

In the U.S., state lotteries are common, but online platforms for them are limited. Many try to fill this void, but some operate in questionable legality. However, Jackpocket is a legal and regulated online lottery app available in several states, including NJ, NY, CO etc.

Using Jackpocket online app feels like buying a lottery ticket from your neighbourhood store, but with the added convenience of doing it from your mobile device, wherever you are. The process is simple: the platform purchases the lottery ticket on your behalf and ensures its safekeeping until the lottery results are declared.

Jackpocket New Customer Promo

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Lotteries/GamesPowerball, Mega Millions, New York Lotto
Online Casino Legal StatesAZ, AR, CO, DC, ID, MA, MN, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NY, NM, OH, OR, TX & WV
Promo Code / Coupon Verified2024
Online Lottery
Jackpocket is not affiliated with any state lottery. Your lottery ticket is purchased and fulfilled through a licensed retailer in your state.

What is the Jackpocket bonus? New users can enjoy a $3 discount on their initial purchase, allowing them to experience the app at a reduced cost.

What is the Jackpocket Bonus Code?

Use CASHFLOW, Jackpocket promo code in 2024, use our link to sign up and get started with the $3 discount pucrhase bonus. Terms apply.

Jackpocket Bonus

Jackpocket States

Jackpocket app operates in a variety of states across the U.S., providing a convenient platform for lottery customers. As of the information provided, the states where Jackpocket has established its presence include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas. Additionally, the service is also available in Florida and the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

Using the Jackpocket Lottery App

  • Select Your Game and Numbers: You can either opt for your preferred numbers or, if you’re feeling indecisive, go for the Quick Pick option. The choice of how you play is entirely yours.
  • Submit Your Request: Wondering what’s next? Jackpocket will purchase the lottery ticket on your behalf from a certified lottery dealer.
  • Review Your Ticket: There you have it! We provide a digital copy of your ticket in the app and also send a confirmation to your email. Rest assured, your physical ticket is securely kept in a fire-resistant vault.
  • Claim Every Bit of Your Prize: For winnings below $600, the amount is directly credited to your Jackpocket account. If fortune favors you with a bigger prize, we facilitate the safe delivery of your ticket to you. Here’s hoping luck is on your side!

Jackpocket Online App Details

Once you’re in a state where Jackpocket operates, the platform partners with local retailers for ticket purchases. Users can deposit money, select their tickets and numbers, just as they would in person. Post-purchase, users receive a digitized version of their ticket for reference.

The app is intuitive and user-friendly. Those familiar with online shopping will find it particularly easy to navigate. Some features, such as forming a lottery group, may need a bit more attention, but comprehensive guidance is available. Currently, the lottery app is mobile-exclusive, requiring a smartphone or tablet for access. The users have rated the Jackpocket App 4.8/5 in App Store based on ‎149,071 votes.

Jackpocket App for Online Lottery

How to get Winnings from Jackpocket App?

For prizes below $600, Jackpocket instantly credits the amount to your account. Bigger prizes necessitate personal redemption, for which the physical ticket is securely delivered to you.

What Does Jackpocket Cost to Use?

Jackpocket’s revenue comes from a minimal deposit fee. The exact amount varies but is always displayed before confirmation. Ticket prices remain standard, and Jackpocket doesn’t deduct any amount in case of a win. Furthermore, there are no withdrawal fees from Jackpocket’s side, though some payment gateways might have their charges. Considering the convenience, many find the service worth the nominal fees.

Is it Safe to Use Jackpocket?

Yes, it is. Jackpocket has received approval from all the states it operates in. Purchased tickets are secure, and users are provided with detailed ticket information for peace of mind.

Available Lotteries

Most of the draw-based lotteries you find at local outlets are accessible on Jackpocket. However, instant-win games, like scratch-offs, aren’t available. Also, cross-state ticket purchases aren’t possible due to legal constraints.

Outside Jackpocket Service Area

Jackpocket employs geolocation to ensure usage only within its licensed states. If your state doesn’t support Jackpocket or has its own online lottery, waiting is the only option. However, you can join Jackpocket’s mailing list to stay updated on its expansions.

Jackpocket Banking

Deposit and withdrawal methods vary slightly by state but typically include debit/credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Additional Features

Jackpocket offers more than just ticket purchases. Features like Quick Pick for random number generation, Autoplay for recurrent ticket buying, and Lottery Pools for group participation enhance the user experience.

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