America’s Most Instagrammed MLB Ballparks: 2023

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If a baseball fan goes to a ballpark and doesn’t post about it on social media, did it really happen? 

In today’s constantly connected world, having your phone in your hand while at the ballpark is as common as a catcher’s hand in a mitt. 

Whether they’re capturing an exciting double play, a thrilling grand slam, or simply using the outfield as a picturesque backdrop for a selfie, baseball fans across the country love to share their experiences at the ballpark on Instagram.

But which MLB ballparks are the most Instagrammed in the entire league? 

To find out,, an online casino and betting promo offers site, conducted an analysis of geotagged photos from all 30 MLB ballparks, aiming to determine the most “Instagrammable” stadiums in the country.

America’s Most Instagrammed MLB Ballparks

From the oldest stadiums in the league, such as Fenway Park, to newer venues like Yankee Stadium, baseball fans have taken to Instagram to tag their favorite fields millions of times.

In fact, there are seven ballparks that have accumulated more than 1 million geotagged posts each on Instagram. These include Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Oracle Park, Angel Stadium, and Citi Field.

America’s Most Instagrammed MLB Ballparks

Which MLB Ballparks are the Most Instagrammed? 

#1. Dodger Stadium: Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s arguably one of the nation’s most picturesque baseball venues, which is why Dodgers Stadium is the No. 1 most Instagrammed ballpark on our list. Nestled in the Chavez Ravine, Dodgers fans have been filling seats at Dodgers Stadium since it opened in 1962. The stadium’s rich history and lively atmosphere has generated more than 2.5 million Instagram posts and more than 629,000 hashtags, according to Instagram data. 

#2. Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox

With its red brick facade and 37-foot-high “Green Monster” left-field wall, Fenway Park is the oldest MLB stadium still in use today. Red Sox fans have geotagged 1.9 million Instagram posts of this iconic ballpark, which makes it the No. 2 most Instagrammed ballpark on our list. 

#3. Wrigley Field: Chicago Cubs

Known to Cubs fans as “The Friendly Confines,” this hallowed baseball landmark has been in the heart of Chicago since opening its gates in 1914. The ivy-covered outfield walls and the hand-operated scoreboard transports fans back to the golden age of baseball. Cubs’ fans have captured more than 1.7 million photos of this intimate setting, according to geotagged Instagram posts. 

#4. Yankee Stadium: New York Yankees

There’s arguably no other stadium in the league more illustrious than Yankee Stadium. Located in the Bronx, New York, Yankee Stadium is home to one of the most iconic franchises in sports history. have posted more than 1.5 million photos and videos of Yankee Stadium as well as more than 640,000 hashtags, according to geotagged Instagram data. Yankees fans are clearly proud of their team and the grandeur of their home field. 

#5. Oracle Park: San Francisco Giants

We head back to the West Coast to find the No. 5 most Instagrammed stadium in the MLB. Fans have posted more than 1.4 million photos and videos of Oracle Park. But with picturesque views of the Bay Area, McCovey Cove and the city skyline, who can blame them for wanting to show it all off on social media? 

#6. Angel Stadium: Los Angeles Angels

Angels Stadium is the third of four total California ballparks on our top 10 list. After opening its gates in 1966, Angel Stadium has been the home of the Los Angeles Angels for decades. Surrounded by palm stress and vibrant Orange County, this ballpark has been geotagged more than 1 million times, according to Instagram.  

#7. Citi Field: New York Mets

After replacing Shea Stadium in 2009, Mets fans have called Citi Field “home” for more than a decade. Overall, Mets fans have posted more than 1 million photos and videos of Citi Field, which puts this ballpark at the No. 7 spot on our list. 

#8. Minute Maid Park: Houston Astros

It’s no surprise that the home stadium of the 2022 World Series champions cracked the top 10 list of most Instagrammed ballparks. Astros’ fans are so proud to show off their championship team that the stadium has more than 850,000 geotagged Instagram posts. 

#9. Petco Park: San Diego Padres

The fourth and final California ballpark on our list is none other than Petco Park in San Diego. 

Petco Park offers stunning views of the San Diego Bay, Coronado Bridge and the city skyline, so it’s no wonder that the stadium has more than 832,000 geotagged posts and more than one-quarter of a million hashtags, according to Instagram. 

#10. T-Mobile Park: Seattle Mariners

Rounding out the top 10 list of most Instagrammed ballparks is Seattle’s very own T-Mobile Park. Opening its gates in 1999, this park serves as the home field for the Seattle Mariners and its passionate fans. Overall, the ballpark has been geotagged nearly 770,000 times, according to Instagram data.   

Least Instagrammed Ballparks

In baseball, there are winners and, unfortunately, there are also losers. 

The following stadiums have made it to the list of the top five "least photogenic" ballparks in the league.

Taking the top spot at No. 1 is the Great American Ball Park. With a name like that, one might assume that the Cincinnati Reds would at least make it to the top 10 list of the most Instagrammed ballparks. However, this field ranks dead last in terms of geotagged posts.

Completing the top five list of the least Instagrammed ballparks are Rogers Centre (home of the Toronto Blue Jays), Globe Life Field (home of the Texas Rangers), Kauffman Stadium (home of the Kansas City Royals), and Tropicana Field (home of the Tampa Bay Rays).

Regardless of where their team's field ranks, MLB fans from all over the country will continue to capture the highlights of their favorite teams on social media throughout the season. However, let's hope they remember to put their phones down before attempting to catch a foul ball.


In order to identify the most Instagrammed ballparks in the MLB, we analyzed geotagged posts from all 30 ballparks in the league. We also analyzed the number of times each stadium’s name was hashtagged on Instagram. ESPN attendance data was analyzed in order to determine each stadium’s capacity and average attendance for the 2023 season for games played through June 1, 2023. 

Sources: Instagram, ESPN

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